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Although I am a physicist, I probably spend more time writing code than doing anything else. Usually I write C++ (I'm a little bit of a ROOT apologist) but I also write things in C, Python and JavaScript, depending on the use case. I've used other languages before (Java, PHP, Matlab) but don't really write anything in them.

This is my GitHub Page. The ANITA code I work on is mostly available here. RNO-G code is here ARA Phased Array code is mostly here and BEACON code is here. A bunch of other code I've written for research remains, for now, in private repositories. Some of it would be useful to others and I hope to make those bits available someday.

My BitBucket repository has a few other random things. One of them, TabSynth, has something of a web page, although it's probably woefully outdated by now.

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