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I was born in Bucharest, Romania, but moved with my parents to the United States when I was 5. I spent three years in Iowa City, Iowa, one year in Ames, Iowa, and the remainder of my pre-college years in Reno, Nev. I went to Stanford for undergrad and MIT for graduate school. I've been working at UChicago since, and I currently live in downtown Chicago with my wife, Marie and daughter Alma.

I am an advocate of free software. I prefer to use Fedora on my personal computers and (what else) AlmaLinux on my work computers. vim is my preferred text editor.

I am also an advocate of walkable cities and urbanism. We don't own a car and generally get around by public transit, walking, or cycling.

My hobbies include photography (eventually I'll make a photo gallery), guitar, and going on walks.

Elsewhere Online

In many cases, if you see a cozzyd on the internet, it is me, but there is at least one other person using that username.

Some other places I exist (but rarely check or update):

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