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Curriculum Vitae



  • Research Scientist   June 2020 -
    University of Chicago / EFI / Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics, Chicago, Ill.
    More radiodetection of extremely high-energy neutrinos!

  • Postdoctoral Scholar / Associate Fellow    June 2015 - May 2020
    University of Chicago / Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics, Chicago, Ill.
    Radiodetection of extremely high-energy neutrinos (ANITA, ARA, GNO). On ANITA, I developed much of the analysis tools used for ANITA-III and ANITA-IV analysis and led an ANITA-III analysis, as well as contributions to operations, flight software, and calibration. For ARA, I wrote the data acquisition, transfer, processing and monitoring software for the phased array portion and am working on developing analysis tools. Much of that work has been ported to BEACON, a new mountain-top neutrino detector under development. For GNO I worked on data acquisition, data analysis, and simulations of the ice.

  • Graduate Researcher    Fall 2009 - May 2015
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology / Laboratory for Nuclear Science, Cambridge, Mass.
    Development of a detector sensitive to the direction of dark matter recoils (DMTPC). Usually funded as a research assistant, but also occassionally a teaching assistant and supported by a Rossi Fellowship my first year. As one of only a few students working on DMTPC, I contributed heavily to hardware development, automation, monitoring, analysis tools, and simulation. My thesis evaluated the directional sensitivity of the detector technology, including all known effects, for the first time.

  • Research Intern       June 2007 - June 2009
    SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Menlo Park, Calif.
    Worked primarily on SiD tracking studies.

Conference Activity


  • UBC Physics Colloquium (virtual), 2020 Exploring the UHE Universe with the ANITA
  • Northwestern/COFI Neutrino Seminar (virtual), 2020 Exploring the UHE Universe with the ANITA Long-Duration Balloon Payload
  • KICP Friday Seminar, 2017 Radio-detection of Ultra-High Energy Neutrinos with the ANITA Long-Duration Balloon Payload
  • UT-Arlington Physics Department Colloquium, 2017 Radio-detection of Ultra-High-Energy Neutrinos in Polar Ice
  • UChicago HEP Lunch Talk, 2017

Workshop Activity

Teaching and Outreach

  • TA for 8.01 (Freshman Mechanics) at MIT (2011)
  • TA for 8.811 (Graduate Nuclear Physics) at MIT (2013)
  • Instructor for CS1C and CS2C (residential basic computing courses) at Stanford (2008-2009)
  • Presenter at Astronomy Conversations at the Space Visualization Lab at Adler Planetarium, Chicago (2015 - )
  • Instructor at Yerkes Winter Institute, 2015
  • Upward Bound Tutor (2015 - 2016)
  • Booth Presenter at French-American Science Festival (2016-2018)
  • Presenter for KICP Life-Long Learning Series (older adult outreach program) (2017-)
  • Presenter at Chicago Astronomy on Tap (2018)
  • Mentor for Operation Airlift (2018)

Extended Fieldwork

  • Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, Antarctica (December 2019-January 2020)
    ARA maintenance and calibration work.
  • Barcroft Field Station, White Mountain Research Center, White Mountains, California (June-July 2019)
    BEACON calibration work.
  • Long-Duration Balloon Facility, near McMurdo Station, Antarctica (November - December 2016)
    ANITA-4 deployment.
  • Columbia Scientific Ballooning Facility, Palestine, Tex. (June-July, 2016)
    Integration for ANITA-4 flight
  • Summit Station, Greenland (June, 2015).
    Deployment of phased array antenna prototype in a borehole
  • Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP), Carlsbad, N. M. (on occasion, 2010-2013).
    Deployment of DMTPC prototype underground in a salt mine environment.


  • Human: English (fluent), Romanian (native), Spanish (intermediate)
  • Computer: C++, C, Python, Java, Matlab, JavaScript, PHP, bash, HTML, LaTeX, make

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